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PorYes – Feminist porn award Europe!
Panel „Stereotypes in Feminist Porn“
October 20nd, 4 pm: Urania, An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin

Stereotypes in Feminist Porn 

Pornography is accessible for everyone via the internet where the majority of teens, younger and older people gets their knowledge of sexuality at all times.
A strong normalized, standardized, categorized and performance-oriented understanding of pleasure and love that just serves commercial/mainstream purpose is conveyed.
Even the so called “alternative porn” is more often than not the same stereotypical stigmatization as mainstream pornography.
Sex positive and detailed sexual information is still not really available and if available, less easy to access. There is very little governmental support for this form of education.
It seems so, that the task of sexual education is left to (mainstream) porn.
The growing movement of sex-positive-feminism (especially in the last 15 years) would not only like to point out a positive and non-discriminatory alternative but to forward a deep sexual knowledge.
How feminist pornography wants to transform all of this, translates into sexual education and contributes to consensus solutions will be discussed in a round of international individuals:


  • Dr. Loree Erickson,Critical Disability Studies und Crip Activist (CA)
  • Wayne Yung, Filmemacher und Performer (D)
  • Nan Kinney, Produzentin Fatale Media (USA)
  • Hostess: Dr. Laura Méritt, (D), communication scientist and sexologist, Berlin

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