PorYes Panel 2023

“Slow down and pleasure up”

Speed and commercialization have taken hold of our lives and also our loves.
In addition to professional self-marketing, the pressure for sexual profiling is also increasing. But what can an approach to one’s own sexuality and to one’s own self look like when we are bombarded with standardized digital offers and floods of images? How can slow porn or slow sex allow viewers to come to themselves in a sustainable way? Can feminist approaches deconstruct sex, gender and bodies and give space for their own development? All this will be discussed by the award-winning filmmakers:

Jamal Phoenix, Porn Performer & Sexworker (Fr)
Popo Fan, Filmmaker (CH)
Èri Sarmet, Queer Author (BRA)

Moderation: Laura Méritt, Initiator & Sexologist (D)
Translation: Katharina Krauss, Sexologist

The event will be held in english with German translation.
Please get your tickets in advance.

Date: Sunday, 22th of October 2023 / Time: 7pm  /
Venue: Sonntagsclub, Greifenhagener Str. 28, 10437 Berlin Prenzlberg
Fee: 10-6€