Freudenfluss Network

Freudenfluss Network is an open network of grown people of different genders, ages, orientations. It was founded by polit-activist and co-initiator of the PorYes-Award Polly Fannlaf. We see sexuality as learnable and relishable sexual fulfillment, beyond any reproduction purposes, as a human right. Therefore, we support an open access to all sexual information and want a sex-positive culture and communication.
Instead indulging in double standards, we practice relishful education.
We meet on fridays for a Freuden-Salon at Laura Méritts sExclusivitäten (Fürbringer Straße 2, 10961 Berlin). The network is open, everyone can join in anytime. No registration is required and no one as to make an appearance!
Our aim is a sexual culture with a sex-positive language and respectful images and behavior. We contribute to that with gender-politics oriented events as the PorYes Award or Mömo – Mösenmonat Marz.

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