What is this all about?

Foto Auster Preis PorYes-Award

The porn industry is strongly steeped with sexist depictions of sexuality. More often than not, women* are shown as passive objects, which self-evidently fulfill the wishes of men. Cis-Men are reduced to insensitive, unreal never-ending boners. This doesn’t leave much space for a positive, audacious and conscious approach to sexuality nor for an appreciative handling of the own body or others. With the PorYes Award, we are celebrating that there are, beneath these conventional productions, also women, men and gender-friendly, consensual, intersectional and queer depictions!

Since 2009, the Feminist Porn Film Award has been presented in Berlin. The initiators set themselves off against sexist, mainstream pornography. “We want to revolutionize the erotic film market”, says Laura Meritt – sexpert with a doctorate in communication sciences.

Thus, awards will be given for high quality erotic movies “with a wide range of portraying female
 sexual lust and in which women also play an important role as producers.”

The feminist film prize is initiated and organized by Sexclusivitaeten, the
 first women*-oriented sex enterprise and sexual communication centre in
Europe, together with the Freudenfluss network.

On the jury are prominent
personalities such as Professor Ula Stoeckl, awarded with the German federal
film prize. She is to present the award, an oyster which is also the symbol 
for PorYes.

This campaign is carried by those in the women’s movement who 
reject all forms of dehumanization but strongly believe in the power of
 positive sexual images nonetheless.

Invited are internationally renowned stars of the sex-affirmative movement
 and other europeans from the forefront.
“ We will demonstrate that there are sensual, witty and sexy porn movies that
 are good to all gender, that can be enjoyed by women* and all kinds of couples and 
give them the feeling of being in harmonic balance with their sexuality,” Laura 
Meritt states.

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