Sex, work & disability

Panel discussion and screening (clips) of YES, WE FUCK by Antonio Centeno & Raul de la Morena, (E)

Bodily autonomy is a central element of sexpositive feminism. How can this look like for sexworkers and people with disabilities? Which stereotypes do we feed into? Where do fears persist, of which disabilities and how far may voyeurism go? How can respectful pictures of sex with and by people with disabilities look like? All these and further questions will be discussed within an exciting discussion round of experts in the field such as Dr. Loree Erickson, queer crip activist from Canada and PorYes nominee, Matthias Vernaldi, founder of Sexybilities from Berlin, sexual assistant and sexworker Stephanie Klee and a active wheelchair lesbian.

Moderated by Dr. Laura Méritt, PorYes initiator and sexologist.

*Event will be held in German and English. Die Veranstaltung wird in deutscher und englischer Sprache stattfinden.*

This is a cooperation between PorYes- Feminist Porn Award, Move e.V. Verein zur Bildung und Kommunikation in der Sexarbeit, Hydra e.V and RuT – Rad und Tat. Offene Initiative Lesbischer Frauen e.V.

Date: 17th of October 2019 / time: 7 pm / addresse: Lebensort Vielfalt, Niebuhrstraße 59/60, 10629 Berlin