Laudatio for Joseph Kramer

von Corinna Rückert (Kulturwissenschaftlerin & Autorin erotischer Literatur)

How wonderful to be able to give the Auster to one of the pioneers of the sexpositive movement.
In 1984, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., founded the Body Electric School in Oakland California where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworders and somatic educators. Since then, followed the Erospirit Research Institut, The New School of Erotic Touch and the foundation of the new legal profession of Sexological Bodywork.
With all these institutes we see a special talent of Joseph Kramer that is an unbelievable creativity of inventing new (post)modern expressions for sexpositive activities.
Among the over 30 educational DVDs and video he has produced we find great titles such as:
Evolutionary Masturbation for Men or Orgasmic Yoga, and further beautiful word creations such as erotic nothingness.
Furthermore, it is his special merit to have freed the penis of thousands of years being fixed on the hard truncheon (?). With the educational video “Soft Cock Massage” Joseph Kramer has enlarged our horizon and added to the expression “to have a hard one” the affectionate expression of having a soft one.
But he not only made an effort for the cock. He also made an effort for the vulva with educational videos such as Female Genital Massage, Zen Pussy and Devine Nectar. Exploring Female Ejaculation.
Last not least, the great films should be mentioned that Joseph Kramer produced together with our beloved and adored Annie Sprinkle: How to be a Sex Goddess, Herstory of Porn and Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm.

For all these merits we award Dr. Joseph Kramer with an Auster for his work!