PornTalk „Consent and Diversity – Fair Pornography“

Monday, 23.10.2017, 7pm

HU Senatssaal, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

Pornography became a diverse genre that ranges from absolute forbidden pornography to mainstream porn and to fair porn. It is thus the object of gender studies, both as a means of suppressing or hindering non-heteronormal and self-determined sexualities, as well as promoting them. The panel discussion is to be debated from a scientific and practical perspective. Part of this discussion are topics such as – What is fair pornography compared to other pornography, How is consensuality ensured during the production, Whether this must or can be documented in pictures as well, As well as the content requirements and possibilities for fair porn for showing diversity in order to counter intersectional discrimination. The individuals that will participate in the conversation are:

Miss Naughty ( Erotic-Filmmaker from Australia )

Bishop Black (Genderqueer performer)

Chanelle Gallant (Initiator Feminist Porn Award Toronto)

Prof. Ula Stöckl ( University of Central Florida UcF ) and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lembke (Fernuniversität Hagen)  will contribute their knowledge and thoughts on legal science, gender and film studies to the discussion. Dr. Laura Méritt, initiator of the PorYes Award and communication scientist, will take over the presentation with a special attentiveness on the language of pornography


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