Poyes Award 2021

From October 16-18st the film award ceremony for feminist pornography will present sensual and consensual alternatives to mainstream pornography. Also, we are celebrating the 12-year existence of the award. This decade is characterized by a sexpositive movement that concentrates on feminist focus areas such as sexual knowledge transferral. Books and magazines about feminist porn were published; universities have taken on pornography as a research topic. We a sincerely happy about this positive response and the fact that a wide publicity has been created for realistic pornography together with a transformation of the erotic culture has been created.

The PorYes Feminist Porn Film Award was initiated by communication scientist, author and operator of the first feminist Sexshop Europe’s Sexclusivitaeten, Dr. Laura Méritt together with sex activist and photographer Polly Fannlaf. Since 2009, the award stands for respectful portrayal of all genders and a diverse sexuality. The public award is accompanied by dialogue sessions and a very sexy aftershow
party. All in the entire 3-day event is prepared by members oft he Freudenfluss Netzwerk- a loose network of volunteers and activists. The PorYes prize, the beautiful Oyster has been awarded to pioneers such as Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle & Joseph Kramer, Monika Treut, Shine Louise Houston oder queere Pornstars wie Jiz Lee, Buck Angel, Bishop Black and many more.

As we have done in the past- this year we will contribute to an alternative film-and porn history by awarding special film- or lifetime achievements to people of different generations and cultures.

More information about the nominated soon. Stay tuned.

PorYes-AWARD in cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

*Event will be held in German and English. Die Veranstaltung wird in deutscher und englischer Sprache stattfinden.*

Date: 16th of October 2021 / Time: 8 pm / Venue: Hebbel Theater, Stresemannstr.29, 10963 Berlin