PorYes Podium 2021

Normativity in pornography and feminist alternatives

Pornography and the pornification of our everyday life both impact our sexuality and relation to gender. This fact has been analyzed by feminists since the 60s. Today, in times of the internet, this concept is still indisputable.
To what extent does the normativity of lust standardize sexuality and divide into deviant practices? How is it programmed into our bodies and desire both culturally and commercially? What alternative approaches can sex-positive feminist pornography provide?
These questions are discussed by longstanding porn movie producers, activists and filmmakers together with sexologist Dr. Laura Méritt.

Panelists (in german with english translation):

*Event will be held in German and English. Die Veranstaltung wird in deutscher und englischer Sprache stattfinden.*

Date: Sunday, 17th of October 2021 / Time: 4 pm / Venue: TBA