Poryes Party 2021

Freudenfluss Network presents: PorTy like it’s hot ! Soli-Party to finance the PorYes – Feminist Porn Weekend. Performances, Hoe__mies, ANTR, Nipple Liberation Army, Rave awareness Artist Studio, Schrottpourri, VJ Tensememori, Sextoy Swap Counter with Sexclusivitäten, Oh My Choir, Sonar-Berlin and sie.b.druckt

Let’s get down together and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the award, our nominees and us at the PorYes-Soli-Party. We will be entertained by sparkling live performances, sensual visuals, hot surprises, sexy sensations, thumping beats and pure pleasure all night long.

Come and explore: Music to shake our asses from Hoe__mies, Krawalle & Liebe, Oh My Choir, Fresh_f our Special live guest, and more to be announced.

Support sustainable fucking: You own a sex toy that you don’t use any more? You have grown apart and both want to try something new? You can swap your toys at our swap counter hosted by Sexclusivitäten and get tips for your safe and clean toy joy.

Flint*-friendly sex corner: Join the Nipple Liberation Army into their room of sweat and tenderness, pleasures and joy. Feel free to come in and explore, try what works for you. Enjoy all consensual body experiences with yourself, other people or participate in our performance Touch Me Tender! And as always, we encourage all of you to consensually Fuck Your Gender!

Polish your attitudes, massage your stereotypes and file on your attitudes at the glittering, shimmering, and reflective Awareness Artist Studio hosted by Rave awareness Berlin. Nail design and massages await you. Find safer-use material and information by the safer nightlife network Sonar-Berlin

live-print by sie.b.druckt. The feminist art collective the BERLINER SCREENPRINTERS will life-print their oh-yes-so-sexy artwork on your clothes. There will also be some beautiful slips for you get in case you want to throw them on the dancefloor or you „lost“ the panties you were wearing. Dare yourself to enter our Schrottpourri! A dressing up corner filled with sequin, gold and glitter textiles and accessories. Hatch into another role for the night. The female VJ collective Tensememori will accompany our sexual event with sensual visuals.

Date:  19th of October 2019 / Time: 11pm to 5am / Address: Gretchen, Obentrautstr.19-21, 10963 Berlin