Nominees 2021



Filmmaker, producer, visual artist and journalist from Sweden. She sees porn is a creative way of working with sexual politics “When women, trans* and queers take their sexuality into their own hands, patriarchy is lost”
Photo (c) Nadja Brendel



Artist, Activist, Interventionist treating gender variance, sexual connectedness and bodily mutations for over 30 year, international photographer and chronist of te queer community. Herm work is an iconic testament to love and the power of resistance. Interview 
Photo (c) Del LaGrace Volcano



Age-positive, sex-positive creative director, shares her journey of sexual exploration
“There is no expiration date on our sexual pleasure and journey”.
Photo (c) PermissionforPleasure


Nenna Joiner (USA)

Feelmore Filmmaker and performer
 “Racism is an industry that we must fight daily to bankrupt.”
Photo (c) NennaJoiner


Lina Bembe (Mex/D)

The In-demand performer advocates for sexual education and the demystification of porn sex workers
“Porn is all about weaving stories with the power of shaking the status quo”
Photo (c) DanaeCuesta