Foto PorYes-Salon

Sexclusivitäten is a sex-positive company, that brought, 30 years ago, top-quality and women* and genderqueer-friendly toys to Germany. Since then, we have been promoting, along with the Freudenfluss network, sexual education and communication, and celebrate gender and and sexual diversity.

Ever friday, from 4 to 8pm, we meet for the Freuden-Salon to spread relishful and positive sexualities and for joyful participating and contributing!

We also regularly hold PorYes-Salons, where we watch films by award nominees together, discuss and vote for them. The most liked once will receive the audience award.

Date: every Friday / Time: 12-8pm / Address: sExclusivitäten, Fürbringer Straße 2, 10961 Berlin

Friday, 24.6.22, 18Uhr: Feminist Porn Watching: Pleasure by Ninya Thyberg (S)

Friday, 28.10. 22 18Uhr: Feminist Porn Watching

Friday, 25.11.22 18Uhr: Feminist Porn Watching: Orga-Meeting Freudenfluss Network

Friday, 30.12.22 18Uhr: Feminist Porn Watching