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Sexclusivitäten is a sex-positive women company, that brought, 20 years ago, top-quality and women-friendly toys to Germany. Since then, we have been promoting, along with the Freudenfluss network, sexual education and communication, and celebrate gender and and sexual diversity.

Ever friday, from 12 to 8pm, we meet for the Freuden-Salon to spread relishful and positive sexualities and for joyful participating and contributing!

We also regularly hold PorYes-Salons, where we watch films by award nominees together, discuss and vote for them. The most liked once will receive the audience award.

Every friday, 12-8pm, sExclusivitäten, Fürbringer Straße 2, 10961 Berlin

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Friday, 26.05. PorYes – Feminist Porn Watching: Dorrie Lane, Masturbation Memoirs
Friday, 30.06. PorYes – Wayne Yung (present)
Friday, 28.7. PorYes – Feminist Porn Watching: Skydeep (present), Enactone
Friday, 25.8. PorYes- Feminist Porn Watching: Ms Naughty 
Friday 15.9. PorYes- Feminist Porn Watching: Dorrie Lane, How to find your G-spot?
Friday, 29.9. PorYes- Feminist Porn Watching:
Friday, 6.10.  Feminist Critic of the Porno- German Criminal Law with Dr. Anja Schmidt, Leipzig and Dr. Ulrike Lemke, Hagen
Friday, 16.10. PorYes- WarmUp: Meet and Greet the Pornstars 

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